All You Need To Know About Vaginal Yeast Infections

women with hands over groin area
vaginal itching

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  1. Avatar George kofi annan says:

    Nice piece

  2. Avatar Vivian Korleki says:

    Very educative

  3. Avatar Nelly says:

    Great piece

  4. Avatar Atsu says:

    Thanks for the education. It’s a laudable initiative.

  5. Avatar Reginald Agblevor says:

    Thumbs up!

  6. Avatar Josbert says:


  7. Avatar Kordzo says:


  8. Avatar Ophelia says:

    Very educative…thanks for sharing dear 😉👍

  9. Avatar Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing.but let me ask oooo.if antibiotics can cause candidiasis why then do Doctors give them to us in high quantity when they know the there no other alternative

    • Hi .. they don’t necessarily cause it. They only put you at risk of getting it. What happens is that the antibiotics kill both the bad and good bacteria (including those that help to keep your vagina in a healthy state); thus making it possible for the Candida thrive in the absence of effective inhibition. Antibiotics are given to combat bacterial infections and we give the antibiotics for the greater good. More harm will be caused if a bacterial infection is left untreated ( as serious as death if the bacteria become widespread in your bloodstream), which is why they’re not left to chance. The abuse of antibiotics is on both parts, both patient and doctor (we will tackle this in a future post). Plus, it’s not everyone who’s on antibiotics who goes on to get a candida infection. It may or may not happen! If it does, treatment is easily available as compared to if we left a bacterial infection to fester in your body ! And then again, antibiotics are specific to targeting bacterial infections which are different from fungal infections which are treated with antifungals, so currently, per treatment guidelines, there really aren’t alternatives. I hope this helps!!

  10. Avatar sheila says:

    very helpful and insightful piece

  11. Avatar DrC says:

    Very Educative. Talk about the tons of women out there who will benefit from this. Cheers mate.

  12. Avatar Linda says:

    Thanks so much

  13. Avatar Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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