Sickle Cell Disease Oversimplified I: The Basics

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  1. Avatar Atsu L. says:

    Thank you! Very informative . I would like to know my sickling status someday. Just wondering how I can do that

    • Great question. It’s as easy as walking into any medical laboratory and asking to know your status. They will perform a test called Hb electrophoresis to help determine your genotype (AA, AS, AC, etc). For everyone’s benefit, I’ll edit this into the article. Thanks a lot

  2. Avatar Blaise says:

    Informative…. Bigups

  3. Avatar Chief says:

    Great piece
    I am AS. Can I go ahead and marry my gf who is also AS?? Are we really gon have sickler babies??

    • Personally, I’d rather you did not but ultimately, the choice is yours. Marrying an AS (or even AC) person will mean with every pregnancy, there is a one in four chance (25%) of delivering a child with sickle cell disease (SS or SC). I have seen too many young families torn apart because of children with chronic diseases. Love is love…..or is it? You just might win the lottery, but do you really want to take the risk? Love you wife and love your future progeny too. Our third piece in the SCD oversimplified series will delve deeper into the inheritance pattern. I hope this helps.

  4. Avatar Raphfamous says:

    Thank you. A great piece of information, and worth reading

  5. Avatar Ewura says:

    Lol the game of thrones reference though lol
    Thanks for the education

  6. Avatar HappyCat says:

    This is by far the best piece I have read about sickle cell. Others just put words together. But you get all this sense wey you dey take fool for school? Keep it up

  7. Glad this is helpful! Thanks for reading!

  8. Avatar Godwin says:

    Wow… Thanks so much senior for this education. Is really important everyone get to know their status. I for once was fortunate to know due to my frequent crisis growing up so it helped me to know the things I needed to do and not do. So, even in my life decions concerning my partner or wife, my ultimate concern was for an AA lady, although in the beginning, it was a bit sad knowing u couldn’t really settle down with the lady u used to admire bcoz of this but over time, I had to overcome it by constantly telling myself not to allow my children to through the same painful childhood hence the need to settle with someone that I ll be perfectly compatible with.

    Anyway can u kindly help me with some simple explanation and clarification here about the AC and SC… What are really their difference.

    Thank you

    • Avatar Asare-Amoah Ekow Justice says:

      We say you have Sickle cell disease when you have the HbS and any other abnormal Hb( Hb that is not A). So the SC person has sickle cell disease whereas the AC individual can is normal but can pass it on to his/her children. That’s the reason why Sickling test alone is not enough.For AC people it will come out normal but they can have an SC baby if they marry someone who is AS.

  9. Avatar Sandra fosua says:

    What does it mean if a person is AC

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