The New Malaria Vaccine: An Editorial

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Sam Otabil says:

    Wow you guys are really doing great i feel like I know everything about this vaccine already. Keep on educating us. I’m gradually becoming a doctor of my own

  2. Avatar Elizabeth says:

    Great works guys.

  3. Avatar Paa Kwesi says:

    Please, if you like the idea of vaccines for malaria then make your own. Letting your enemy make your medicine for you is act of folly (foolishness). You can’t expect that your enemy would want to keep you alive. People of Eurasian descent are the enemies of African (Black) people. We may not see the effects if this vaccine on the lives of African people in one, two or even three generations. But you don’t know how it will affect our DNA and the protein synthesis machinery in our bodies over decades or centuries

  4. Avatar Augustine says:

    Ayoo i hope It works …but i still don’t trust vaccines in general … Thanks very educative

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